PCGC Background

SBP has been managing Credit Guarantee Scheme (CGS) for Small and Rural Enterprises in collaboration with UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) since 2010. The scheme is based on the funds provided by DFID and Government of Pakistan...

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CEO’s Message

Thank you for visiting the website of Pakistan Credit Guarantee Company (PCGC) established in 2019 as Development Finance Institution (DFI). PCGC is the nation’s leading and premier risk sharing institution to develop SMEs sector and to promote access to finance especially collateral deficient SME borrowers.

PCGC is a reliable partner to SME sector which is playing a critical role in employment generation, business activities and economic growth in Pakistan. To meet local and international challenges in the areas of SME and agriculture sector, PCGC will work like a catalyst.

We at PCGC are committed to our mission to design innovative, dynamic, market oriented eco system with the support of all stakeholders especially the Government of Pakistan, DFID UK and State Bank of Pakistan, where SMEs are able to grow and innovate. In this regard, special focus will be on start ups, women enterprises, energy efficiency and SME incubation.

Furthermore as a DFI, we will make our best efforts to correct market failure and achieve financial inclusion and inclusive growth embracing SMEs and the weaker segments of the society.

Your continued support for interest in PCGC will be greatly appreciated.

CEO – Dr. Muhammad Saleem (Pakistan Credit Guarantee Company)

About PCGC

  • Established in 2019 by the State Bank of Pakistan.
  • Registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission as a Development Finance Institution (DFI).
  • Federal Cabinet approved its status as Development Finance Institution (DFI) on June 11,2019.
  • Major Funding from UK DFID.
  • Initial capital has been provided by UK DFID and GOP.
  • To be supervised by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Benefits of PCGC

The benefits of PCGC would be as follows:

  • Increase SME lending
  • Reduce Collateral constraints for small farmers and small enterprises
  • Increase quality of SME credit granting & risk monitoring
  • Mitigate against business cycles & external shocks
  • Enhance public information dissemination
  • Facilitate access to reinsurance capital
  • Improve treatment of Risk Weighted Assets
  • Reduce risk perception / increase risk appetite of banks
  • Lower financing cost for SMEs

Potential Customers

  • All commercial banks (Conventional and Islamic including Islamic windows)

  • Development Finance Institutions involved in SME and agriculture financing

  • Microfinance Banks

  • Leasing Companies

  • Cooperative banks involved in SME and agriculture financing