PCGC was set up as a Partial Risk Sharing Facility by the State Bank of Pakistan to incentivise the FIs to lend more to the collateral deficient SME and agriculture sector, which was hindering the growth of the SME and Rural economy. PCGC will serve as a catalyst and at the same time ensuring sound lending habits amongst the FIs. This in turn would not only help improve the affordability of SME borrowing but also increase the number of qualifying borrowers especially collateral less borrowers. With these initiatives, PCGC envisions an expansion of the SME finance market, export led growth, women empowerment and employment generation in Pakistan.

PCGC will play a key role promoting conventional and Islamic SME financing and it will endeavour to encourage and collaborate with FIs to provide more SME and agriculture loans.

Potential Customers

  • All commercial banks (Conventional and Islamic including Islamic windows)

  • Development Finance Institutions involved in SME and agriculture financing

  • Microfinance Banks

  • Leasing Companies

  • Cooperative banks involved in SME and agriculture financing